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9 JUNE 2024

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

The first Whale Watch Cruise departed from the d’Albora Marina and had success straight away with two pods of Humpback Whales directly out through the heads. Each pod consisted of four whales with all whales involved in a very active heat run. A heat run occurs when the males of the pod are vying for the attention of a female, the males become very boisterous with each other pushing and shoving to get themselves closer to the desired female. We have also been lucky to witness a few breaches and lovely displays of whales fluke as they dive under the water.

For the bird lovers onboard there has been a mass of Albatross flying about, last count was around the 20 mark! The seals on Cabbage Tree Island must of known today is Sunday as all 14 whales counted were having lazy snoozing kind of morning on the rocks of the island. Not to forget the dolphins, we have sighted a large pod of Off Shore Dolphins and then the local Bottlenose Dolphins near the Yaccaba Headland as we make our way back to the marina.

11am Whale Watch Cruise aboard MV Osprey were greeted with Bottlenose Dolphins before we even made it out through the headlands at Shoal Bay.

Whales galore on the Humpback Highway today. Once we arrived south of Fingal Island we had several pods to choose from surrounding us in the distance.  With an active whale breaching the choice was made by Captain James to seek out that pod.  On arrival we discovered more pods in the distance and were putting on a display of pectoral and tail slaps. One pod of three whales changed their direction and surfaced in front of the boat to our surprise.  To the passengers disappointment we had to continue our journey, but all good thing must come to an end and it was time to cruise along past the seals sunny themselves on Cabbage Tree Island. Once inside the Bay we have located a pod of dolphins close to Jimmys Beach.

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