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7 October 2022

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

The crew onboard our 10am whale watch cruise have located two pairs of Humpback Whale mothers and their calves near to the Fingal Island Lighthouse this morning. We have spent quite a bit of time with the four whales as they played in the shallow water around the island, the calves were very active with a lot of behaviours on display including breaching, double breaching, tail slaps, fin slap, tail lobs and head lunges. Cruising back in through the headland at Yacabba we have viewed a large pod of dolphins surfing the waves.

We have had a very successful afternoon of whale watching aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, we have not had to travel too far out through the headland at Shoal Bay to located a pod of south bound Humpback Whales. Our crew have reported being surrounded by a large pod of six adult Humpback Whales at one point, with whales hugging each side of the vessel.

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