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4 JUNE 2023

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

We are beginning to see good numbers of Humpback Whales traveling along the Port Stephens coastline on their northern migration to the warmer waters of Queensland. The crew report from the Hinchinbrook Explorer during our morning cruise they have seen approx three pods of whales in a easterly direction from Fingal Island with each pod having at least two Humpback Whales. We have stuck with a pod of two whales that were spending the greater amount of time on the surface of the water as their continued their north bound journey. Both whale were content swimming along, with just the occasional pectoral slap on the surface of the water creating a bit of white water splashing. Before cruising home towards Nelson Bay we have swung past Cabbage Tree Island and the seals, and viewed a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins at Yaccaba Headland.

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