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3 June 2022

Fingal Island and the Lighthouse are becoming our lucky charms when it comes to finding whales, we are more often than not all the skippers need to do each cruise is head towards to island and as we come into line with land we are finding whales not too far away.

This morning we had a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins as the Hinchinbrook Explorer cruised out past Mount Tomaree at Shoal Bay before we have continued onto Fingal Island and located a pod of two Humpback Whales. Both whales have seemed a little confused as we followed along side them heading in a northerly direction before they have turned around and started heading back south again.

We have also had a glimpses of another two whales that the crew were uncertain of what type of whales, possibly either a Melon Head Whale, False Killer Whales or a Pilot Whale. Both of these whales were interacting and playing chase with the two Humpback Whales, and displaying a lot of action including tail slapping, tail lobs, body rolling and just the one breach!

Our passengers aboard the 1:30pm whale watch cruise have enjoyed watching one very active juvenile Humpback Whale repeatedly breaching, he was putting on a wonderful display for everyone pec slapping, rolling on the surface of the water, but the show stopper was the 50 or so breaches that he did none stop. There was another two pods seen near to Fingal Island again.

The local Bottlenose were spotted under Mount Tomaree leaping out of the water attempting to catch fish…. and successfully landing their lunch for the day.

Photography credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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