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28 August 2022

What a spectacular sunny Sunday Port Stephens has turned on for our whale watch cruises today. Our morning cruise aboard MV Spirit of Port Stephens has cruised straight out through the headland to where the ocean depth is around 80-100 metres. We have located a pod of two Humpback Whales, one being considerably larger than the other whale. The pair of whales were a joy to watch as they have swam in nice and close to the vessel, moving around each side to on the bow, both whales were very relaxed rolling in the water slapping their pec fins, the occassional tail flick and even showing off with a couple of breaches.

As we have turned to head home towards Nelson Bay we have come across a huge pod of Oceanic Dolphins – there must have been over 100 dolphins! Some of the dolphins have surfaced the pressure wave on the side of the vessel having a great time jumping and leaping clear of the water. We also stumbled upon a seal just swimming in the middle of the ocean who looked to be catching fish for his lunch.

Oh my gosh, our passengers on the afternoon cruise have encountered a very active Humpback Whale near to Cabbage Tree Island with a lot more pods of south bound whales within seeing distance of the boat. Passengers were treated to an amazing display of breaches, head lunges and more within only about 50 meters from the Spirit of Port. On our way back through the headland we have located a pod of local Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins at the base of the Yaccaba Headland.

Photo credit: Lee Mathews Photography

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