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25 July 2022

Whale watching Moonshadow-TQC cruises

It seemed like even the whales had Mondayitis this morning with only one whale sighted off Fingal Island.  It was moving slowly, spending more time under the water than on top.  It was certainly was enjoying some ‘down time’.

The sun came out and the day got better for the afternoon cruisers, seeing plenty of action.  Cruisers sighted six whales east of the harbour entrance.  There was lots of excitement on board when we saw a chasing pod.  One whale was pushed out of the water by another whale – an amazing amount of force and strength.  The seals at Cabbage Tree Island were lazing high on the rocks, trying not too get wet and enjoying the warm rays of the sun. There were dolphins at the heads swimming at the bow of the boat as the boat headed back to the dock. A delightful afternoon on the water.

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