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21 August 2022

The Humpback Whales have been playing a bit of a game of hide and seek with us this morning, the crew have located a pod of two whales on inside to Fingal Island with one of the whales breaching once before disappearing from view. As we have patiently waited to the two whales to surface again a huge pod of Common Dolphins have joined the vessel and swam along on the bow as we have continued north bound. Just when we thought the two whales had completely changed direction they have again appeared closer to Big Island to be joined by a second pod of two Humpback Whales with a bit of action and whales chasing each other.

Our afternoon whale watch cruise passengers have successfully spotted four Humpback Whales heading north bound just outside the headland. The pod was very active with what appeared to be heat run, with a display of head lunges within the group. We have also been amazed by the whales breaching numerous times! Before heading back to the marina we have cruised past Cabbage Tree Island to view the seals basking on their rocks in the sunshine.

Photo credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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