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Whale Sightings

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2 JULY 2023

Moonshadow-TQC Port Stephens Whale Cruise

Pods of whales in every direction! We have continued our streak of whale sightings aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer during our 10am whale watch cruise, the crew have reported being able see the blows of whales as they come to the surface and exhale creating the puff of ‘smoke’ within all directions of the vessel. All the pods this morning seemed quite subdued and not a lot of action happening. We have traveled alongside a pod of two Humpback Whales that at times have come in close to the Hinchinbrook Explorer, they potentially have been resting and perhaps sleeping as they were spending a good amount of time on the surface. As we wished the whales sweet dreams we have cruised towards Cabbage Tree Island, we counted 14 seals resting on the rocks above the waterline – we may have woken their slumber as a couple briefly opened their eyes and lifted their heads to see whats was happening. As the vessel has made her way back into the Bay we have also spotted a pod of local Bottlenose Dolphins at Yaccaba Headland.

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