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19 JUNE 2023

It was a chilly morning on the water this morning on board our Hinchinbrook explorer, but that didn’t stop our crew locating 2x pods of whales to spend some time with. With 2 whales in each pod, they spent some good time above the surface breaching and showing off with some tail lobs.

We then had the pleasure of saying hi to some furry seals at cabbage tree island, and then a large pod of dolphins deciding to join us on our trip back.

Our afternoon cruise still saw come chilly winds, but some nice calm sea conditions made up for it, along with 3 pods of whales in our close vicinity. 10 whales all up were quiet to begin with but soon became very active with random breaching & tail slaps, but seemed to be taking turns with who would be playful and put on the show next.

Again, on our journey back into shore, some friendly resident bottle nose dolphins joined us along with our happy passengers after an exciting and uplifting cruise!

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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