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18 September 2022

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

Sunday mornings spent on the water at Port Stephens does not get much better than the smell of spring in the air! Luck has been on our side as the Hinchinbrook Explorer has cruised out through the headland at Shoal Bay today, we have quickly come across a pod of three Humpback Whales consisting of a mum and her calf and an adult escort. The trio was a little hard to track and they swam about in a circular motion so we have left this pod and continued cruising towards Fingal Island. We have spotted the second pod of the day just inside Fingal Island. This pod had five to six mature adults with all whales swimming north east, perhaps a late run at the northern migration for this pod. At one point the whales have swam in nice and close to the vessel giving all our passengers a good view.

In the distance we can also see another pod of about three whales that have pec and tail slapping making lots of white water splashes.

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