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Whale Sightings

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17 June 2022

The word has gotten out amongst the seal population, Port Stephens is the place to be for winter! We counted up to 15 seals lazing about on Cabbage Tree Island today. The seals will reside on the island during the cooler months before heading off once the spring air starts to warm up.

We have experienced some amazing active whales during today’s whale watch cruises with reports coming back from the crew of a very playful pair of Humpback Whales seen close to Fingal Island. Both whales were tail lobbing and tail slapping the surface of the water. There were a number of pods that could be seen in the distance, with a couple of breaching whales sighted way off in the distance.

Our afternoon whale watch cruise on the Hinchinbrook Explorer had the most spectacular cruise off shore, with one lone Humpback Whale competing in its own breach-a-thon straight out through the headland at Shoal Bay, just picture whale launching itself fully out of the water, and barrel rolling it’s body mid-air before crashing back to the water. Our passengers were ecstatic with the whales efforts, counting at least 30 breaches! At one point a whales has swam within 20-30 metres of the vessel. To complete the cruise we have also seen pods of Bottlenose Dolphins on the way out of the harbour and then again once cruising for home near Yaccaba Headland. What a day!

Photography Credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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