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17 July 2022

There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain! Add in a Humpback Whale breaking the surface of the water as it expels the air from its lungs creating a beautiful whale rainbow.

Passengers aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer have spent time with a pod of two Humpback Whales cruising their way north bound. Both whales spent a good amount of time on the surface of the water, with sounding dives only being between five to six minutes at a time. We have also spotted a pod of the local Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins on our way out through the headland at Mt Tomaree.

The MV Spirit has located a very active Humpback Whale on the 11am whale watch cruise. Captain Dan has reported that the whale was on a breaching marathon, he lost count after about breach number 50!

The westerly wind has picked up for the afternoon whale watch cruises, and the whales have become a little harder to track with the whales being a bit erratic in their movement. The two Humpbacks spotted have been spending greater periods of time on their sounding dives and have been zig zagging in odd direction making viewing difficult.

Photo Credit: Lee Matthews Photography

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