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12 July 2022

Whale Watching Moonshadow TQC Cruises Port Stephens

The sunshine and blue skys have returned to Port Stephens and with sea conditions settling greatly we are excited to depart the dock on our morning whale watch cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer.

Our first wildlife sighting of the day has been a pod of the local Bottlenose Dolphins near to the Tomaree Headland at Shoal Bay. From there we have cruised out through the entrance of the harbour to locate a pod consisting of between three to four Humpback Whales. All whales have been content in continuing their journey north bound along our beautiful coastline giving all passenger a good chance to view these majestic mammals.

Crew director Yui aboard the MV Spirit of Port has reported that they have cruised out to a water depth of over 90 metres where they have spotted two Humpback Whales, both whales were beneath the surface of the water for approx five minutes at a time. There were further pods in the distance, but these whales were spending longer periods on their sounding Dives.


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