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Whale Sightings

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11 August 2022

Whale watchong Moonshadow-TQC Cruises

With the temperatures being a little on the chilly side the crew rugged up and cruised out off shore.

Not long after entering the Humpback highway the crew spotted a few different pods totaling 10 Whales over all.  After assessing the sounding dives of the different pods and recording that they where taking 11 minutes to resurface they took the chance with a pod a little further out to sea.

Lucky they did as they came across a very active pod that decided to show off their rolling skills and pectoral slaps to the customers onboard, but this pod where not quite sure what way they wanted to go they stated tracking north then west then south then east and after looking at the vessels GPS system the crew had done a complete 360 round trip over the hr of viewing.

The passengers also spotted a few whales breaching further out to sea but a little to far away to be viewed.

During the afternoon Whale Watching Cruise, Dolphins were cruising with the Hinchinbrook Explorer on the way out of the bay.  Once offshore five pods were sighted in the distance.  We were luck to have had two Whales near by with lots of pec slaps and surface time.


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