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9th October 2020

We have mothers and their calves in a big pond of six whales; three mother Humpback Whales and three calves seen close to Cabbage Tree Island. All whales put on quite a display for our passengers aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer, with lots of playful action breaching, tail slapping, pec slapping and more.

Our passengers aboard the MV Spirit have met up with a mother and calf who were spending a good amount of time on the surface. The pair seem to be resting and taking a well earned break from their journey south bound.

The MV Spirit has then spotted three different pods during the afternoon cruise with each pod consisting of a Humpback mother and her calf. There was lots of playful action by all pairs as they breached, tail lobbed, and pec slapping, the little calves are so cute with their antics as they learn and copy the actions of mum.

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