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8 July 2021

Our morning cruise started off with a bang in the form of five separate pods of Humpback Whales in the waters off Fingal Island. Passengers were  treated to some great sightings of the whale tails on the sounding dives, but the pods all seem to be a little too relaxed for any acrobatics, but the surface time was great.

On the return cruise back into the harbour the crew sighted a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins offshore fishing and had another pod inside the bay.

The crew hadn’t even finished the safety induction before Hinchinbrook came across the first marine life sighting with our resident Dolphins have a good old frolic at the base of Tomaree headland. Once the passengers got some happy snaps the vessel moved on to see bigger fish…. Well not technically fish;  Humpback whales are mammals’;  difference being Fish including sharks move through the water by using their tails side to side whales move up and down. 2nd fish have gills to take in water to absorb the oxygen into their system and whale’s breath air and lastly fish lay eggs and whales give birth to live young.

Now where we we…whale report…  the passengers saw a total of fourteen whales in separate pods (don’t often hit the double digits in one cruise), behaviour was relaxed, but plenty of sounding and surface time.

On the way home the vessel nudged into Cabbage Tree Island to get a great view of the fur seals with eight in total sunning themselves on the rocks and a playful pod of resident Bottlenose Dolphins inside the heads.

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