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4th August 2020

Today’s sea conditions can only be described as ‘flat as a tack’ We are being spoilt with another day of warm winter sunshine and calm seas.

Cruising out of the Bay we have spotted a Fairy Penguin, these guys are usually hard to located as they can be such quick swimmers in the water. But the tell tale sign of a Fairy Penguin being close by is the duck like sound that they make. Be sure to listen carefully for the sound of a duck quaking next time you are out on the water at Port Stephens.

As we have made our way towards the off shore islands of Boondelbah, Little and Cabbage Tree Island we can see a whale breaching as we have approached, as we have got closer the whale has again breached very close to the vessel before swimming off in the direction of Broughton Island.

We have also spotted Common Dolphins off shore, and a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins in the harbour.

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