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30th June 2020

We’ve certainly had no lack of choice of whales off shore today, with pods of whales sighted in every direction again.

Hinchinbrook Explorer has viewed a few different pods with quite a bit of action, including a very skilled tail slapper that was having a great time hitting the surface of the water with its tail.

Crew on the Spirit of Port Stephens have started the morning with whales on a slower start, taking them a little while to become more active. But oh boy, the whales certainly put on a display that has taken our breath away. There was a massive Humpback Whale that completed a huge breach out of the water, and then showing his dominance by head lunging.

Calm sea conditions and a gentle swell have made for an enjoyable cruise aboard our 11am whale watch cruise. The crew have spotted a pod of five Humpback Whales travailing due north. All whales have been fairly quiet, just content in continuing their northern migration. We have then cruised to Cabbage Tree Island to visit the seals basking in the sunshine on the rocks. As we have cruised back in through the head land we come across a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins located at the Yacaaba Headland.

There has been a lot of activity during our afternoon whale watch cruise aboard the MV Spirit, two very friendly whales have approached the boat and then joined by one more whale, they have mugged the vessel, swimming under and around the vessel. Such an amazing experience for our passengers.



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