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3 June 2021

The Fingal Island Lighthouse is becoming our lucky charm. During our morning whale watch cruise aboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer we have found the first pod of Humpback Whales close to the island. The pair consisted of northbound adult and a juvenile whale with the juvenile Humpback showing us a beautiful tail dive. Very confusingly we also spotted a south bound whale, perhaps he forgot something and needed to turn around and head back.

The whales have certainly turned on an amazing whale encounter for our afternoon cruise passengers. Cruise Director Renee has reported sighting four or five pods of whales located straight outside the headland, all the way down towards Barry Park at Fingal Bay.

It was a pod of two whales that were the most entertaining, we spent a good amount of time with the very active pair that had everyone in awe of their display of acrobatics. From breaching right out of the water, tail lobbing the surface of the water, waving their mammoth pectoral fins about, to what can only be described as a flying whale….. fully out of the water, pec fins waving and that almighty white water splash as the huge whale lands back into the water. What an afternoon!

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