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24 May 2021

Monday morning has rolled around again, the weekend has disappeared way too quickly, but there is no Monday-Itis present with our Captain and Crew of the Hinchinbrook Explorer. Everyone is pumped and excited to be heading off shore at Port Stephens in search for the mighty Humpback Whale.

As we have cruised out from the d’Albora Marina at Nelson Bay we have been escorted by a pod of local Port Stephens Bottlnose Dolphins joining us on the bow wave of the vessel, its amazing to stand on the bow above the dolphins to see their amazing power and speed. If you’re really lucky you may have the opportunity to lock eyes with a dolphin as they twist and turn in the water as they glance upwards to watch what is occurring around them.

We have continued out through the headlands at Shoal Bay towards Point Stephens and the lighthouse where we have spotted two Humpback Whales, we have spent time with this pod before heading onto Cabbage Tree Island to say hello to the seals resting on the rocky foreshore.

We have dodged a few showers during our afternoon cruise, the Captain of the Hinchinbrook Explorer has navigated towards Fingal Bay to spot another pod of two Humpback Whales.

We have had a trifecta of wildlife this afternoon with a glimpses of a young Hammerhead shark on the surface of the water, the Little Penguins are also starting to appear, although you need to be quick to see them before the dash under the water. And last, but not least is the lazy seals who have taken up residence at Cabbage Tree Island for winter.

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