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19 July 2021

The Hinchinbrook Explorer has ventured further south past Fingal Island on the search for the first Humpback Whale sighting of the day. There have been three pods in the vicinity consisting of one pod of two and two pods of three Humpback Whales. A pair of whales have come in quite close to the vessel approaching from the stern, and swimming along the left hand side of the vessel giving everyone onboard a great view.

These three pods were spending approx six minutes per sounding dive so we have continued south and moved onto another pod of whales that appeared quite active and certainly did not disappoint, with tail slaps, tail lobbing and breaching. The crew have reported another pod further off in the distance had whales that were double breaching, from our vantage point we could see the huge white water splashes created as the whale landed on the surface of the water.

We cannot forget the dolphins! A pod of Common Dolphins has swam along with the boat off shore and as we have come back into the Bay we have sighted the local Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins.

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