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18 July 2021

While there is a winter chill in the air on this sunny Sunday morning, the strong winds that blew up through the Bay have reduced overnight considerably. So its time to put on the winter warmers, grab the scarf and beanie and jump on a whale watch cruise!

The crew report from the Hinchinbrook Explorer; whales have been easy to find this morning with a number of pods of Humpback Whales located near to Fingal Island. Each pod had two to three whales in each, with the pod of three whales being joined by a fourth whale.

All whales were quite active and playful, with the most amazing display of breaching, tail lobbing, tail flicking, tail dives and pec slaps. There is also a mammoth pod of Common Dolphins sighted in the distance with Captain Ben estimating there could be up to a 1000 dolphins, all feeding on a large school of fish.

We have spent the afternoon traveling between the Lighthouse at Fingal Bay and the off shore Islands of Boondelbah Island, Little Island and Cabbage Tree Islands. There are a number of pods cruising along the Port Stephens coastline this afternoon with two to three whales in each pod. We have stuck with one pod of Humpback Whales that were putting on a display of tail lobbing, thrashing their beautiful flukes on the surface of the water within 100 meters of the vessel. While watching this pod a stunning Sea Turtle has popped its head up briefly, we can also see whales breaching off in the distance.

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