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15 July 2021

With a partly cloudy wintry day ahead the crew set out in their winter warmers for the morning Whale watch that turned into more of BBW day today, BIRDS, BAIT-FISH and WHALES.  The Team headed for Fingal Island where there were multiple pods to choose from. We are lucky to have dedicated and long serving crew onboard that understand the lay of the water and how pods of Whales behave so it gives us the best tools to choose the correct pod to view.

Today the team stuck with a small pod that paid off when they kept coming up close to the vessel for the passengers to get some great shots, but the best performers were the sea birds. With a lot of bait balls in the water the Gannets, Terns and Seagulls were having a mighty good feed and putting on a good show.

The cruise did not end there, with a pod of Common Dolphins joining in on the feeding frenzy and putting on a show of their own darting and driving through the bait fish balls. It was wildlife at its best.

Did you know that Gannets can dive head first from a heights up to 30mts achieving speeds of 100km/h enabling them to catch fish at a much greater depth than most airborne birds.

A top tip for whale watching is to bring layers of clothing, it’s better to have more than not enough!

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