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13 July 2021

Today is one of those days when the universe is on your side; Port Stephens has turned on a spectacular sunny winters day with lovely calm sea conditions for off shore whale watching.

The Lighthouse at Fingal Island has been the go to location for the last little while, with another successful sightings of Humpback Whales during our morning cruise on the Hinchinbrook Explorer. The crew have picked up a Humpback Mother and her calf close to the island, the pair were just swimming along on their northern migration spending a good amount of time on the surface of the water. While observing these whales we have been greeted by an active pod of Common Dolphins who have jumped on the bow wave of the vessel.

As we have cruised back into the Port Stephens Harbour we have also spotted two pod of the local Bottlenose Dolphins.

There are whales in all directions this afternoon with four different pods of two whales in each. We have stuck with a pair of Humpback Whales that were spending the most amount of time on the surface of the water, with sounding dives being around four minutes each. While the other three pods were spending much longer periods of time on their sounding dives, sometimes up to ten minutes each dive.

The crew have noticed a Common Dolphin that looks like it has been in contact with a shark by the marks seen on its back.

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