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12 July 2021

It’s time for a dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ with the sun making a greatly appreciated appearance after a couple of days of grey skies we are extremely happy to be back whale watch at Port Stephens in the warm winter sunshine.

The skipper of the Hinchinbrook Explorer has not needed to cruise too far outside the headland at Shoal Bay to find a trio of Humpback Whales located within close vicinity of Fingal Island. The pod consisted of a new Humpback Whale Mum, a young calf that is probably a couple of weeks old. The pair were also traveling in conjunction with an adult escort. Typically an escort will journey along with a new mum to run interference to any potential predators while they travel towards Queensland waters.

Before cruising back to the dock we have stopped at Cabbage Tree Island to see the seals. Everyone onboard had a very close up view with one seal swimming in the water very close to the vessel.

Our afternoon whale watch cruise has been joined by a pod of the local Bottlenose Dolphins as we have headed off shore in search of Humpback Whales.

We have had great success with the sighting three different pods; two pods of three Humpback Whales, and the third with two Humpback Whales. All pods were quite content in continuing their journey north bound, with three to four minute sounding dives before resurfacing for three to four breaths with a good amount of time spent on the surface of the water.

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